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Sermon Notes

A Carpenter's Guide to Fishing (Luke 5:1-11)

Bethel Church | Jackson, Michigan | Pastor Ken Pierpont | February 18, 2024 AM

In the story of the calling of Peter you see how to be a disciple and why people do not follow Jesus—why so many fail to follow… 

1—Listen to Jesus and Do what he says. (1-7) [Ill] Inn in Flint—just call me and I’ll tell you what to do. 

Why don’t many follow? 

—Because we won’t listen

—Because we won’t obey

—Because we think we know better [ill] fisherman taking fishing advice from a carpenter? 

—Because we don’t realize the difference Jesus will make “…we have toiled all night and caught nothing…”.

2—Confess your sin and need. (8ff)

Why don’t many follow?

—because of shame and guilt.

—because of a strong awareness of our inadequacy. 

—this was probably not first time Jesus had asked Peter to follow. (Matthew and Mar)

3—Follow Jesus (11)(he does not follow you) you have to go where he sends you and do what he tells you to do and say what he tells you to say.  

Why don’t many follow?

—because other things are just more important to us. There are other places we want to be and other things we want to do.

—because we want him to follow us and endorse our will. 

Imagine Peter telling Jesus. “Man you really have a talent for fishing, if you follow me we could make some serious money.”

4—Actively help others follow Jesus. (10)

Why don’t many follow?

—we don’t care for others

—we are selfish

—we don’t realize the fulfillment. 

“…both boats began to sink..”

—we don’t see the eternal reward.

5—Leave everything behind that hinders you from following him. (11)

Why don’t many follow? 

—Because there are things we are unwilling to leave behind.

Conclusion: How will your story read?

—He almost followed Jesus

—He kinda followed Jesus

—He said he followed Jesus

—He had friends and family who followed Jesus

All Disciples Follow Jesus and Help Others Follow Jesus

  • Some Life-long vocational ministry
  • Some Short-term full-time ministry
  • Some Tent-making ministry
  • …One thing that is not an option for a true disciple—Follower of Jesus who does not help anyone else follow Jesus… you are not following if you and not helping others follow Jesus. 

A true disciple is in such love and awe of Jesus that he sets aside his guilt, shame, inadequacy, ambition, personal desires and follows… always seeking to help others follow…. And in so doing discover abundant life. 

We called todays message the Carpenter’s Guide to Fishing.. that was for humorous effect. A more accurate tag to put this story would be: Jesus' guide to a full and happy life.

Have you decided to follow Jesus?

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