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Sermon Notes

12-[1 Peter] Good Shepherds in Bad Times. 1 Peter 5:1-4

What should you do when you notice things about the church that are not good. When I was a boy I loved the church but there were things about the church I didn’t love. The think about the church that I didn’t love and refused to believe even to this day it is what God intends for his church is the way churches are sometimes governed-by controlling, money, power, greedy, push, loud, union-hall, types, town-hall meeting type behavior. I grew to hate it and I didn’t see it in the Bible. I was not too far into ministry when it began to surface in my own ministry and the Lord gave me a powerful learning opportunity… It was then I discovered the error of the churches in their governance that had grieved me so mush as a young man. The truth is stated clearly here in 1 Peter 5.

Now, let’s remember. This instruction is not for times that are ideal, but for times that are bad. This works in sun and storm. Its right night and day. 

—Good Shepherds in Bad Times

—Gentle Shepherds in Harsh Times

—Generous Shepherds in Greedily Selfish Times [ill] Peyton

Good Shepherds in Bad Times (1 Peter 5:1-4)

1—A church should be primarily governed by a plurality of godly, qualified elders. (1 Tim. 3, Titus 1 Leaders should be plural not singular

2—Elders are Shepherds and Bishops. There is no hierarch among them. shepherd, overseer, elder--same thing

3—Godly leaders are willing not grudging. "...not under compulsion but willingly..."

4—Godly leaders are willing to sacrifice, do not take dishonest gain. "...not for shameful gain... eager....."

5—Godly leaders are exemplary. Influence over Control (attached) 3. "...not domineering but being an example..."

6—Godly leaders always serve with Christ in mindWith a view to Christ. 4 "...when the chief Shepherd appears... unfading crown of glory..." also vs. 1 ...:witness of the sufferings.... partaker of the glory..." (In light of his sufferings… and in light of his return and in light of his reward). 

Conclusion: He is our ultimate reward. 

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