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Sermon Notes

Gospel Conversation (Part 2) Six Treasures of Justification.

Bethel Church | Jackson, Michigan | Ken Pierpont, Lead Pastor | January 29, 2023AM

Intro: Milton Vincent Story 3 x 5 Cards-Book The Gospel Primer*

Treasures to Cherish: Justified Let me give you an example of this just using primarily one brief passage of scripture as an example of what you can do… (Romans 5:1-11)

1—It is a Treasure that You are Justified by Faith in Christ (1) He took your sin and gave you his righteousness and you have his irrevocable blessing. 

2—You have Supernatural Peace with God. (1b)

3—You have Access to God. (2)  

4—You can Rejoice even in Suffering.  (2, 3, 11). Paul is not just teaching, he is worship-teaching. He is exalting. He is bursting with praise for the gospel. That is what we do. (Practical ways to exalt in the gospel) 

How to Cherish The Treasures of the Gospel:

—Preach the the Law to Yourself. (2 Cor. 3-4) Romans 7

—Preach the Gospel to Yourself. (You can see Paul doing this in Romans 3:21, 4, 5)

—Remember who you were and imagine who you could have become without God. 

—Reject a performance orientation.

—Learn to root your joy and hope in the gospel. (Romans 5)

—See your world through the lens of the gospel.

—Let the gospel humble you on good days

—Let the gospel encourage you on bad days

—Build a strong hope by Gospel-centered living

5—You have Hope even in in Trouble in Trials. (4)

6—You have God’s Love in our hearts through Holy Spirit. (5)

A number of things (you can find many more) that happen when I have gospel conversation with myself. (Read down my list)

When I preach the gospel to myself

—I find myself growing in holiness and likeness (2 Cor. 3:18)

—it relieves me of shame and despair.

—it reminds me of the power of God at work and me

—I am preparing to be a witness

—I am strengthening my ability to help others come to freedom

—I am resisting Satan‘s domain and darkness.

—I am walking in humility.

—I am feeling my joy in God

—I resist the lies that would destroy or kill me

—I move the truth of the gospel from my head to my life

—I am stirred up to love God and stirred by the love of God.

—It helps me treasure, Christ rightfully

—When I preach the gospel to myself, it has a transforming effect. It makes me more like Jesus.

—When I preach the gospel to myself, I remind myself of the things that I say I believe and apply them to my life.

Conclusion: [ill] Find your way home by the way of the cross. 

AIM: That the people would begin to experiment with exalting in the gospel, having an inner gospel conversation, that they would search the Scriptures for the implications of the gospel. That they would buy the Gospel Primer. That they would sing thoughtfully and worshipfully. That they would be filled with and cherish the treasures of justification, hope, love, humility, peace and access to God.

*You can purchase the Gospel Primer here: The Gospel Primer, Milton Vincent or here: Amazon

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